Aged Candidates

Some countries have elected nursing mothers

Some countries have elected fathers who cradle their babies

Some countries have elected no one, having no ballots to cast

Some countries have elected to read party newsletters until there is no more water

A country elected a disheveled loon who cries for his mates through the fog on Northern Irish lakes

A country elected an arsonist

A country elected a mummified stallion in which parliament installed a loudspeaker to play recordings of the yeas and nays of his stirring speeches

A country elected a parliament of silkworms that excreted a new flag

A country elected a squirrel and were delighted by the lack of violence and inflation over the ruler’s three-month term

A country elected an ember and enthroned it on the oak dais in a parliament that burned to the ground

A country elected the corpses of children and grandparents to a grim citizens’ assembly of silence and the quietest daycare you have ever seen

One day, a country will vote with canine teeth that have evolved over generations to be effective hole punches. Aunt Irene will cast a ballot with her remaining tooth by punching a hole beside her favorite candidate, Celeste, that cockroach from the north shore

Some countries have elected dust. It was the only visible thing on the ballot. The citizens lacked pens to write-in their own name. They were given no pins to prick their finger and smear the ballot with blood

A country elected a god with hair that is plated each year with a kilogram of gold

Synecdoche for the death of the nations, I hoped you were the misspelling of a yeast, that you might yield one more loaf of bread from the orange horizon mottled with ash.