Alien Tango
Friends! ep
Ground Control

Alien Tango is Alberto García, an alien from outer-space by way of Murcia, in the southeastern corner of Spain, though he now calls London home.  He sings in Spanish and English, he makes disco-themed punk music that sounds like the Flaming Lips met Of Montreal at a Gogol Bordello gig and they got wrecked and had a bastard love child.  This is some far out shit, and it is pretty damn amazing.

Friends! is a four-song, 11-minute romp, not quite enough time to get settled, and given the way García jumps around stylistically, linguistically, and vocally, that clearly isn’t the idea here.  It’s impossible not to at least tap your feet as you listen to this, but in all reality, you should have a glitter ball hanging from the ceiling, and pulsing lights as you do your best John Travolta.

The single off this ep is ‘Heavenly,’ which came out last week.  This song is a stylistic nightmare, and I happen to be the kind of dude who doesn’t like labelling my music as this or that.  García describes the track as ‘a conversation between my conscience and my sub-conscience, alone on a Friday night, and thousands of miles away from home. Until now I’ve always composed songs thinking of how they would sound and be experienced live, but this is a pure headphone experience. It’s the most spacy, dreamy song I have done so far -though at times it sounds like music you would hear on a TV game show late at night. Welcome to Alien Tango’s Inner Karaoke!’

He is bang on there, this entire ep is headphone music.

The title track, ‘Friends,’ is a fast-moving drum machine beat and synthesizers and sees García singing in a mixture of his regular voice, and a falsetto.  The beat chugs this track along as he goes all over the place vocally and stylistically.

In short, mes ami(es), this is 11 minutes of pure pop bliss.  You may need to go to the dentist if you listen too often though.