The thought of Donald J. Trump winning a second term simultaneously seems both increasingly unlikely and highly likely. The polls indicate that he lacks both the national and battleground support among registered voters to swing the election. However, voter excitement appears to lean in his favor, with Republicans registering more new voters than the Democrats in a recent voter registration drive, and the president still dancing awkwardly in front of large and enthusiastic crowds at campaign rallies.

It is important that to remember that Trump’s supporters, those who almost literally worship at his feet, are genuinely excited to support their ‘dear leader.’ Their enthusiasm has not even waned in the wake of 226,000 COVID-19 deaths. Reports of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) haven’t dampened it. They remain enthusiastic even after the president was caught on audio admitting that he has been lying about the dangers of the Novel Corona virus.

To put it bluntly, Trump supporters are more enthusiastic than Biden supporters, and therefore more likely to go to the polls.

So we need to prepare for the possibility that Trump may very well win the election on November 3. The media and the polls seem to be saying the opposite, but that’s what they said in 2016.

What can we do if the worst happens? We need to make our politics personal, and embody our resistance in every facet of our lives. We can start by simply declining spending money at businesses that support Republicans when and wherever possible. That is easy enough when they are conglomerates and chains like Hobby Lobby and Taco Bell, but many will also be locally-owned small businesses, owned and operated by people we know and love?  But we must be prepared to punish the business class for supporting a truly evil regime, even if they are our friends. Many of them only support the GOP out of financial self-interest, as misguided as that might be. However, they protect their capital and their property at the cost of marginalized members of their own communities and families.

We must be prepared to practice civil disobedience. We must make the Republicans’ constituency deeply uncomfortable. They must know how angry we are how much they have physically and emotionally damaged us with their votes. Take to the streets. Scream. Shout. Make your voice and your pain heard.

If Trump wins, it will almost certainly be without the popular vote. The voice of the American people will again be silenced by the Electoral College, an institution that has long out-lived its usefulness, if it ever even was useful. We must press for a constitutional amendment to abolish it, as slim as that prospect might be, and convince our state legislators to endorse the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

The cancer of fascism and racism can only be excised if it is isolated and marginalized so that it no longer has a host to sustain it. Most difficult of all will be to cut our Trump-supporting friends and family off from civil society. But they forfeited any claim to our friendship and love when they voted to take food, healthcare, and civil rights away from so many of our fellow Americans. How can they be friends when they vote harm us? How can they be friends when they put their personal wealth over our well-being?

We need unity in this America. But we do not need a unity that tolerates hate and greed.