During primary season, I wrote a satirical article “making the case” for Joe Biden. It consisted of two sentences: “There is not one. Go away Joe.” I would like to take this moment to take it back.

After last night’s debate, I have no choice. It became abundantly clear last night that there is a case for Joe Biden. He is the only viable candidate who can save us from four more years of Donald Trump. There are many ideological purists out there on the left, but even they must realize that this is the time that to set aside our disdain for the status quo in order to save everyone. Four more years of Trump is not going to lead to an economic collapse that will usher in a socialist workers’ revolution. It will only lead to the collapse of our country as a whole and the annihilation of any hope for a future.

My decision to wholeheartedly endorse Biden crystalized during two moments of tonight’s debate. The first was when Trump had the opportunity to condemn the violent actions of a neo-Nazi group, the Proud Boys, and he chose to tell them “stand back” and “stand by”. The president of the United States told a racist, white supremacist, Nazi group to stand by in case they were needed to protect our cities. Protect them from who and what? I think we all know the answer.

My second “come-to-Jesus” moment came when Trump spent the final ten minutes railing against voter fraud – something both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have already dismissed as a non-problem. He used a national debate to delegitimize an election that has not even been completed yet.

Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacists and his transparent efforts to delegitimize the November election is just more proof that he is the biggest threat this country faces. More importantly he is the biggest threat to the lives of women and our bipoc, Muslim, Jewish, LGBTQ+, and immigrant neighbors. He is even a threat to a person like me who vocally opposes his leadership. I am an enemy of Trump, and to him and his worshippers, I am their enemy as well.

I am not urging anyone to like Biden. It is pretty obvious that his administration will neither threaten corporate America or address the vast inequalities of late-stage capitalism, nor be an ally to those seeking the changes that the working class in this country needs. However, Biden is a threat to the white supremacists grasping for power. He is a threat to those who seek to further marginalize women, immigrants, non-Christians, non-whites, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. He is the one candidate who might be able to offer them the protection that they need right now, even if only for four years.

The progressive game can’t be about the quick, but unattainable, victory. We play the long game. Biden isn’t going to give us all that we want. However, even if he is not going in quite the right direction, he is not going in the absolutely wrong direction. The trick to continue to push the DNC and America further in the right direction. Allowing Trump to remain president for another four years only endangers the long game.

The case for Joe Biden is simply this: If we care about the lives of our marginalized friends then he is the candidate for us in 2020.