I have no defense against August,
its unrelenting heat, the mosquito
welts on my skin.
I have no defense against gravity
and the slow sinking of my bones
back into the earth.
I have only the weakest armor
against the next heartbreak
or cancer to strike.
I have no weapons effective
against groundless fear
and blind hate.
My only shelter from an angry
world is retreating from what
is named civilization.
My only defense for the ailing seas
is in my saved paper cup, one
at a time.
I am defenseless in the face
of the senseless rage infecting
every comment.
I have no weapons to use
against those who use
only violence.
I have no weapons to fight
those who spew lies and threaten
with clenched fists.
I will have no shield
when the next shooter comes
for me.