Image of Westmount School provided by Robert Hogg


Walk beside me
a moment and
I’ll tell you
a story

happened in
Edmonton I
was about
nine don’t

lag behind
if you want
to hear this
you’ll have to

stay abreast
my father
said of your
enemy it’s

important to
catch him
off guard
just as you

if you want to
hear my story
have to keep
up keep your

chin in
the air
at which
point he

kicked my
heels out
from under

me hard on
the chest and
down I went on
my arse

what did
you do that

for I gasped
struggling for
breath but
my dad just

laughed and
said don’t
do this to
a friend on

the side
walk he might
have a
concussion you see

that house over
there that
was a vacant
lot in our

day covered in
sod where my
father and I
would walk


RLH: Mtn: As per handwritten draft w minor changes 2020-09-05 (3:00 a.m.); Rev: Mtn: 2020-09-05 evening.