Endless Road Trip

Drive to Seattle from Chicago.
Cross the state line into Wisconsin,
cruise past Madison towards Tomah.
Little red schoolhouse on a postcard.

In Mitchell, South Dakota,
Corn Palace spires swirl like candy.
Doors and eaves bulge with multicolored cobs.
Dine hours later at Wall Drug,
the worst pizza in the world.

Ignore Wyoming completely.

In Montana, everyone talks
about aliens and Reptilians.
Drive like hell through Missoula,
there’s no one you want to see there.

In Idaho, sleep in an inn built by a man
who killed himself walking into the ocean.
White supremacists hide in the forest,
but you won’t see them from your balcony.

Idaho has a history of prostitution,
a powerful thirst for rotgut liquor,
and draconian cannabis laws.
Escape while as you can: Spokane awaits
with its river and enormous red wagon.

Take I-90 west, through George and Ellensburg,
until the highway ends in Seattle.
Have an espresso, then turn around,
wind the loop backwards,
head in the opposite direction.

Each time you’ll be older,
and the trip will become more difficult.
You won’t recall why you wanted
to leave home in the first place:
still, you’ll need to keep driving
from one exit to another
and pretend to have a destination.