Photo by Douglas Reimer, who gave Frank Davey permission to publish the image. This is the first time he has done so. The photo is of Robert Kroetsch in France meeting the narratologist Simone Vautier in 1994.


Fourteen Canadian Poets

Robert Hogg was a goatherd, whereas James Hogg was a shepherd.

Douglas Jones was hard to keep up with.

Lionel Kearns has not been a typesetter.

Margaret Atwood likes to be there.

bpNichol sold books for 5 cents.

Milton Acorn attracted unkind comments.

Dionne Brand is unmistakeable.

When we saw Louis we yelled “Hey Dude!”

When George Bowering says I’m going to pound you he’s alluding to Ez.

I would never put down Christian Book.

Phyllis Webb predates the internet.

Robert Kroetsch kept taking up more and more and more space.

Lisa Robertson used to be the girl in the bookstore.

Al Purdy wasn’t.