Well, that was a lot: there’s a kickin’ track, kids and paint and weird costumes, campy acting, and if I’m being honest, I’m not super sure how it’s all is meant to come together. The name of the track – ‘Get God’s Attention by Being an Atheist’ – gives a clue, for those who don’t have access to the presser that comes with the video release.

After a ‘boo at the presser, all – or most – is revealed. Inherently punk-rock kids take on the world and battle n’er do well demons/fears. In that optic, kudos for incorporating 5 year olds, who I can confidently say (as I have one at home) do not give a single fuck about rules, preferring instead to lavish their affections on having a good time (also snacks, as a general rule). There are some hilarious golden moments when the tribe of Wee Demon Fighters are all kitted up in costumes doing superhero salutes, and are genuinely enthused to be taking rounds out of demons – aka pesky costumed adults. However, the ‘demons’ are hard to place as anything other than the result of bizarre fever dreams, so the meaning of fighting one’s own inner demons gets muddied.

My mixed feelings about the video aside, the tune is pretty solid. There’s a chorus that’s hooky while still remaining fresh, and typically Of Montreal stream-of-consciousness lyrics that require multiple listens for proper decoding – the new release will likely be a hit with seasoned fans. Anyone with a kid will likely be entertained by this offering, though in the Venn diagram of listeners, I’m not sure about the overlap between parents and Of Montreal aficionados, so it will be interesting to see what sort of reception the video and song itself get.