Haich Ber Na
From Then ’til Now ep

Haich Ber Na found his way into music through UK grime and production, and has slowly been moving into his own voice, exploring new avenues of music, all self-taught.  From Then ’til Now kind of encapsulates his journey to today, beginning with the banging first track, ’87 Days,’ which is built around a killer beat and his falsetto vocals, some neo-soul remixed through 90s bangers updated for today.  How’s that for music biz clichés?  The track serves as a manifesto for this four song collection.

‘0594 Help,’ which was released as a single in November is up next. In my review of that track, I stated:

with this funky as fuck backbeat mixed with crunching percussive noise, and a beautiful falsetto.  This is one epic track, and one of the best pieces of music I have come across of late.  It comes with a self-directed visual, which acknowledges his debt to Jamiroquai.  I am, I have to admit, occasionally stunned by the wide reach of Jamiroquai down the years, but here we are.

I stand by my earlier judgement. The bass on this track alone is worth the price of admission.

I’ve listened to this ep a few times now, and what I find most interesting about Haich Ber Na ‘s evolution is that whilst his falsetto gives it that old school soul feeling, his wide variety of interests sonically allows him to create this mind-bending collection of beats to serve as the backdrop for the vocals, and he’s joined by Rodel on ‘Both Ways.’  He is impossible to pin down to a single genre, but that’s what makes him one of the most exciting artists I’ve heard in recent years.