As a former monk from Tibet, I came to the United States seeking asylum in this great country.  It was not easy for me. Maybe because all of the political issues connected with it; or maybe it’s what’s going on in this country regarding immigrants.  But  even with that,  I know this country has the best human rights in the world and I myself was recently granted asylum. But I always pray for this country and I  always will.  I pray that the situation we are facing now will improve because good people are getting hurt. One of my friends from Cameroon was just deported after over 18 months in the Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey. Whenever I think about this situation I feel sad– we are innocent– we just want to be safe.

Tibet was invaded by China in 1959. I was not yet born, but my grandfather and grandmother have been my inspiration to keep me thinking about Tibet and His Holiness Dalai Lama, who is very important to Tibetans. We always want him to return to Tibet, but it doesn’t appear that will happen soon. China is getting stronger day by day and recently Hong Kong  began their own protests against China, because they want their own freedom.  America has always kept supporting Tibetan issues since the beginning, and I am grateful that they finally understood my request for asylum. America has always been great for Tibetan people. It means that we still have a hope to get our country back.  If we can get more help from a strong country like America, perhaps one day we can get our independence from China. So we have to keep that spirit to help people around the world who also are fighting for their freedom.

July 4th is Independence Day in America which all of the people celebrate.  At  the same time,  we must remember those people who died for this great Country which is priceless.

Independence means freedom to act the way people want, to express themselves the way they want, but everything comes with responsibility.  So sometimes freedom is bad because it enables people to do negative things like carry a gun and harm innocent people. There are so many gun incidents every day in America which makes us feel sad. So freedom comes with a  duty —  you need to think about humanity and  if you think positively, you can feel the happiness of freedom which is called independence.

I hope this country will grow more in positive ways and help other asylum seekers and immigrants like me.  By showing them the power of love and supporting them to grow. I love this country because I have met such amazing people and having them in my life makes me feel more blessed.

All things are related to freedom and speaking about right and wrong. Which we normally don’t do and don’t care about. But sometimes, we have to cheer our life and the lives of others at the same time,  because we all are equally human and just want to be safe and have to have a  life that is free.

I am so happy to be here in this great country – Happy Independence Day (GREAT AMERICA).