Junk Drawer
‘Temporary Day’
Art For Blind Records

I’m digging this newly released single by Belfast, Northern Ireland’s Junk Drawer. ‘Temporary Day’ is the answer to your shoegazing, psyche tripping and minimalist beat type cravings.

A punchy drum tempo starts the song, and then a kind of echo effect on it, before a sudden meaty blast jets off, creating an ambient atmosphere, a thick and solid presence of sound that emerges and expands out, with playful chords unleashed on distorted guitars, a meandering melody unfolding and a steady swish noise infiltrating space right before lyricist and singer Jake Lennox starts singing, which is the right amount of soft and mellow –

Temporary Day to breathe the silence & not obtain
When fog will ascend once more to free all the pores I’ve clogged again.

A dark and derelict sub vortex, or a heavy key change, edges in bringing the feel of this song to deeper depths right after the first and second lines. Then a surprising but well received interception, a sunshower of organ that adds another layer to this multilayered tapestry of sound.

I can picture a dark club with that damp feel and smell of a smoke machine permeating the surroundings.

Entrenched by the each poor prior take
cements the ill-fate of a wanting mind
The pulsing echo spiral that never track where it flows to.

This last line is delivered with higher pitched excited and staggered backing vocals, then a short lived but titillating guitar solo transitions to the next part which suddenly stops into a strangely mystic and ethereal moment with subdued singing and playing that is like in a fog or in a dream, far off somehow, yet looming and then growing in loudness and the organ sound re-emerges it’s rabid and determined pace and indescribable and maddening screaming vocals unleash to the end which is an ear splitting swirly electrical piercing noise.

Pretty dark subject matter, a song about the struggle with Bulemia and having a temporary day where it’s not so bad.  Being totally impressed by ‘Temporary Day,’ I can’t wait for the full release of Junk Drawer’s Ready For The House record next month – so stay tuned!