The election is over and Donald Trump has lost. Yet, his stranglehold on the Republican establishment has never been more apparent. Election officials in Wayne County Michigan, the county that includes Detroit, refused to certify the results of the election this weekend. Not because there was any actual evidence of voter and/or election fraud, but because it was politically expedient to do so. The officials decided that it was good to try to silence the will in the county that handed Biden the state of Michigan because it would make the president happy. More importantly because it would make the voters that make up the cult of Trump happy (though they did, eventually, do the right thing and certify the results earlier today).

As much as I would love to simply calm down and celebrate the election, I cannot because the damage of four years of Trump and his current unhinged charade has already been done. We have millions of Americans who no longer trust our electoral system; a system that actually worked amazingly well in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

Worse yet, we have a president who held ‘super-spreader’ events leading to massive community spread of the novel coronavirus right at the beginning of the flu season. He put a radiologist in charge of dealing with the virus that is fueling this pandemic. (If I ever have a radiologist as my primary care physician when I have a deadly disease, please just go ahead and shoot me.) We have a president who has made decisions that are going to lead to a second shut-down that will be devastating to our economy.

It is going to be devastating because it is highly unlikely that the Republicans, should they retain their Senate majority, are going to be willing to pass a stimulus bill that will help the Democrats or their base. The Republicans are going to sink the goddamn economy because it is politically expedient for them to harm the party that dethroned Trump.

This impending economic collapse is going to be bad for business – very bad. But to those business owners who are about to have their pride and joy as well as their wealth erased from the history books, let me say one thing from the bottom of my heart:

Let them eat cake. Let them eat brioche.

Most business owners voted for Trump. They voted Republican in order to protect their profits and tax cuts. Voting Republican is part of what made them rich. Sticking it to their employees and the community is what, many of them think, made their businesses successful.

Maybe they need to suck it up for a change and learn what the rest of us – their employees and customers – have known all along: poverty and hard times stink for everyone.