Both the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake have condemned reckless statements made by Quebec Premier Francois Legault earlier this week.

Speaking to reports, Legault said that the reason that the Surete du Quebec hasn’t enforced a court injunction to open the Canadian Pacific train tracks in Kahnawake is because there are assault weapons behind the barricade.

“We have information that confirms that there are weapons – AK-47’s to name them,” Legault claimed. “Thus weapons that are very dangerous.”

Earlier this week, CP Rail obtained an injunction that allows for police forces, including the SQ, RCMP and the Peacekeepers to use whatever force necessary to reopen the railway through Kahnawake. The Peacekeepers have stated that it would not enforce the injunction.

“The Peacekeepers have not officially received any injunction or request to remove protesters,” Peacekeepers communications officer Kyle Zachary said. “The Peacekeepers will continue to monitor the protest site and ensure the safety of all on scene.

“The Peacekeepers are the only police service that operates in Kahnawake, as per our policing agreement, and will continue to protect our territorial integrity,” Zachary continued. “The statement by Premier Legault, that there are firearms at the protest site, are not only incorrect, they are reckless, dangerous and will only serve to exacerbate the situation. The Peacekeepers, and the community at large, do not wish for the situation to escalate, and continue to hope for a peaceful resolution.”


Courtesy of Iorì:wase.