Plasticine – Stolen from Wm. Harbutt, A.R.C.A., of Bath, UK


Before you
anything take
a piece in hand
and play with it

        roll it
plait it
        bend it
twist it

        coil it
round your
finger and
roughly form

        spiral shells
        letters and
simple forms

        rotate it
in the hands
        into balls
and beads

        arrange into
        press them
flat and hollow

e  l  o  n  g  a  t  e    t  h  e  m

        put little beads
into and
the hollows

        flatten larger
balls into
        thin discs
and plates

        turn up
edges or indent
with finger
into ornamental
shapes and designs

        Keep on
        to do things
and you
        will succeed


RLH: Mtn: Found Poem 1977-08-16; Rev: Mtn: 2020-07-12. Taken from a glassine parchment wch came with a sizeable package of Plasticine. No words added.