[Ed’s note: Since we are all, for the most part, social distancing, self-isolating, and trying not to freak out, we at The Typescript thought we should share our playlists, what we are listening to as we try to work from home, and keep a semblance of normality.  We are, starting today, going to publish a list each Sunday.  Audie Wood provides our third playlist. Stay safe, folks, and let music keep us sane and safe.  As a general rule, we will post both YouTube versions, such as they are, and, down below, at the end, a link to our playlists on Spotify].

This is a list of the top-ten most played songs on my apple playlist. I am separating them into three categories. The first four have no real meaning and/or there is no emotional variable that has drawn me to these in the previous week. Simply put these are songs that put me in a good mood. They help me get through the monotony of my daily routine under quarantine and I hope that they will help you do the same.

Emmylou Harris, ‘Two More Bottles of Wine’:

Cornershop, ‘St-Marie Under the Canon

Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons, ‘Electra Glide in Blue’

No Doubt, ‘Spiderwebs’

I think it is obvious how these next four songs ended up in my playlist. We are living in a terrible times where our health-care and economic system are simultaneously failing those of us in the lower-middle and working class. Our president is trying to convince us that we should risk our lives for the sake of the economy and denying aid to states where the governors have been critical of him. We are watching people do what those who have internalized capitalism do in times of crisis, they are attempting to hoard goods and necessities for themselves…their neighbors be damned. So these four songs reflect my sadness and my anger at our current political and social climate, as well as the losses that I have suffered since January 1st.

LL Cool J, ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’

Drive-By Truckers, ‘Puttin’ People on the Moon’

Social Distortion, ‘When the Angels Sing’

The Sex Pistols, ‘God Save the Queen’

I close out my playlist with two songs from two very different genres. Andrea and Matteo’s duet is a song that I often listen to when the gin and the wine have taken hold at the end of the night. It reminds me of past loves and good friendships. It reminds that there is always something and someone for me to fall back on during the worst of times. It gives me hope when President Fuck-Wit holds a press conference and shouts utter nonsense at the poor reporters in the crowd. And my final song is by far my favorite song off Sturgill Simpson’s Sound and Fury. It sums up how I feel right now. I’m going to take my quarantine as a challenge to be more productive now more than ever. It is time to make my art, my research, my writing come to life. It is time to focus on that and not the insanity of the lives of those around me.

Andrea and Matteo Bocelli, ‘Fall on Me’

Sturgill Simpson, ‘Make Art Not Friends’