[Ed’s note: Since we are all, for the most part, social distancing, self-isolating, and trying not to freak out, we at The Typescript thought we should share our playlists, what we are listening to as we try to work from home, and keep a semblance of normality.  We are, starting today, going to publish a list each Saturday.  Karl Rozyn is going to kick things off here. Stay safe, folks, and let music keep us sane and safe.  As a general rule, we will post both YouTube versions, such as they are, and, down below, a link to our playlists on Spotify].

Karl Rozyn’s Quarantine Playlist:

(I’m being glib here, but COVID-19 is very serious.  Please take every caution for yourself and those around you.  Don’t be a fuckwit.  And wash your hands.)

Whether COVID-19 is really The Andromeda Strain or zeds or spread through just plain-old human stupidity, it would seem that the Tupacalypse is finally upon us.  Since most of us aren’t going into the office – and a HUGE THANK YOU to the medical staff, grocery clerks, delivery drivers, and the rest of you beautiful souls out there braving the wilds  to keep whatever’s left of society functioning – we can listen to whatever we damn well please while waiting for the end.  Here’s a few of the things I’ve had on in between watching the US government’s dumpster fire of a response to the pandemic and keeping a lookout for the hordes who will inevitably come for my toilet paper stash.

Beach Bunny, Honeymoon:  I may have said a few things about this record already, so I won’t flog you with it here.  Let’s just say that if we were trapped in a survival bunker together, you would’ve heard Honeymoon at least a hundred times by now.

One Flew West, Trial and Error: I came across this Colorado four-piece a couple years ago and really like their take on the rock/pop/country hybrid that forked off of the 90s Tempe scene (Gin Blossoms, Refreshments, et. al.).  The title track’s refrain of “I just wanna say fuck you in a million different ways” has been in my head ever since, but it’s “Staying In” that’s become the official anthem of my quarantine.


CLEWS, “Crushed”: Holy fuck do I need CLEWS to make a full-length record.  Sisters Lily and Grace Richardson strongly echo my favorite (step)sister pair – Tanya Donnelly and Kristin Hirsch of Throwing Muses – with a sound that wouldn’t be out of place somewhere between Hunkpapa and The Real Ramona.  The thousand-yard stare of the chorus is perfect accompaniment for looking out at the bleakness of the future.


Half Past Two, “Three Small Words”:  I still love O.C. ska-punk, I never stopped loving O.C. ska-punk.  And sure, it’s a cover of a song from arguably one of the worst movies ever made.  But put it on, blast it, and try to tell me it doesn’t immediately make you a metric fuck-ton happier despite your squalid, locked-in-the-house existence.


Anna von Hausswolff, “The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra”:  Speaking of bleakness, there’s a certain level of dark that only the Norse can get to, and Swedish songsmith Anna von Hausswolff does it brilliantly.  This is the sturm and drang ahead of the apocalypse, the theme that’s playing when you’ve finally run out of supplies and are suiting up for the suicide mission to the grocery store.


Elephant Gym, Audiotree Live session:  Odds are you’ve never heard Taiwan’s Elephant Gym (unless you’re actually into math rock as a genre), but straight up KT Chang is one of the most talented bass players alive.  The rendition of “Finger” on this Audiotree session is unbefuckinglievable.  I don’t have a quarantine-related line for this one; fuckwits have already said enough horrible things about East Asians during this crisis that I won’t even quip in their direction.  If you’re one of those clowns, go fuck yourself.


MONOWHALES, “RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)”: Toronto is just chugging out indie pop that’s right in my sweet spot lately.  MONOWHALES are no exception; bright, fun, danceable, huge bass slides, and an earworm chorus.  They haven’t let me down so far, but inevitably I will let you down by forgetting to lock the door and letting the plague zombies in.


That’s what’s getting me through Armageddon so far, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I put on some Men at Work.  If you have music that’s helping you through the end times, drop a comment below and let us know what it is – we’d love to hear what you’re listening to.