[Ed’s note: Since we are all, for the most part, social distancing, self-isolating, and trying not to freak out, we at The Typescript thought we should share our playlists, what we are listening to as we try to work from home, and keep a semblance of normality.  We are, starting today, going to publish a list each Sunday.  Samia Aladas provides our fourth playlist. Stay safe, folks, and let music keep us sane and safe.  We are posting YouTube versions, except in the case of full albums, where it’s just a single track from an album, but the full playlist is down below on our Spotify].

In this surreal time of physical distancing and self-isolating and mounting worry about the future for our world and our loved ones, I, like many people just need and want to listen to music that takes away from any dreary and scary thoughts and feelings. This may seem like an odd bunch, but I chose these songs to share because in one way or another they make me smile and feel good and I hope that they can do the same for anyone out there. About half of these songs are ones that my daughter Sophia and I have loved and enjoyed over the years and since we’ve been self-isolating together it’s only fitting that this playlist has been influenced by our common musical interests and time together.

Mike Krol – 15 Minutes

We love Mike Krol and anytime is a good time to listen to him, such as whenever you are feeling the need to belt out in the car driving to get food and essential supplies.

 Toy Dolls – Nellie the Elephant

A fun song on a mix CD that belongs to my daughter which we’d listen to a lot in the car when she was young. It’s a cover by this early 80s English punk band who I really know nothing about but they like to write and sing funny songs.


Rob Zombie – Dragula

This song is an homage to my Cardio Plus dance teacher, Danielle Hubbard, who puts on a really awesome and revitalizing workout which I would take three times a week at lunchtime. Due to the closure of the gym during this pandemic I am sorely missing my fun class and this song that we so enjoy jumping around to.

The Dirtbombs – Ever Lovin’ Man (Live at Amoeba)

What better music to listen to in these troubling times than the soulful lovin’ magic of The Dirtbombs – Mick Collins, two bass players, two drummers, Detroit, Rock’n’roll. These two tracks ought to have you seriously groovin’ in your kitchen or living room at any time of day.

The Dirtbombs – Sharevari  

Sex Bob-Omb – My Threshold

And what better way to enjoy this unreal pandemic than listening to a fictional band that’s better than most real bands, like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’s Sex Bob-Omb, whose crunchy guitar and bass, and slacker enthusiasm are the perfect backdrop to my ongoing self-isolating drudgery.

And a reminder that moments are ahead to hope for and look forward to with…

Sex Bob-Omb – Summertime

The Clash at Demonhead – Black Sheep (Metric)

Another fictitious band – The Clash at Demonhead – perform Black Sheep (Metric) in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and it’s just the thing to rev you up, especially if you are a fan of the film and feel like watching something that’s takes your mind off of, you know, reality and such.

Metric – Black Sheep

Of course, you can also thoroughly enjoy the original ‘Black Sheep’ from Metric, too.  Somehow, I don’t mind listening to the same song two times in a row.

 Teengenerate – Let’s Get Hurt

To end this Coronavirus playlist I present to you a boisterous romp to while and throttle your pandemic blues away.