It’s an improvised reflexive verb
denoting something not done reflexively.
A kind of improv, a day-long
self-performance. Early morning March 14
I drive back to Canada from Louisville, the city
closing down behind me, seven hours,
one stop at Loves for cheap gas, a bag
of distracted-driving-brand trail mix
– happy trails to you too fella –
a half-pint bottle of hand sanitizer
in my self-serve cup holder
no, no firearms
have a good day sings the lonely border guard.
Drive straight to the boarding kennel
to de-board my other dog
then to a store for fresh groceries
where I cautiously use the self-check-out
and check out myself
hands self-sanitized
text my daughter that my dogs and I are home
hands re-self-sanitized
you are supposed to be in self-quarantine she replies
the next day.