The morning after New Year’s Day, I woke up to the unsurprising news that recently acquired un-redacted emails revealed that Donald J. Trump had been THE individual who made the call to freeze federally-approved funding to our allies in Ukraine. I was shocked however that it took less than 24 hours of that news breaking for the Trump administration to illegally assassinate the second in command of a foreign government. I have no pity or remorse for Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani was an evil human and enemy of civilized people, but the point still remains that his assassination was an act of war, and an act of war that unlike Osama Bin Laden, was not approved by Congress. Furthermore, the justification was vague and came within hours of the guilt of our President when it comes to his impeachment hearing becoming even more clear. Simply put, this was not a justified act of war, but a distraction tactic employed by Trump.

The fact that this was an unjustified attack and clear distraction tactic means I refuse to support military action in Iran.  I will not support such action because the fighting is not for a just cause and military leaders’ willingness to send soldiers to fight is further destabilizing the region and lowering America’s already low standing in the eyes of the world.

The soldiers that I know are angry and they do not want to fight, they have openly spoken to me about the possibility of deserting, but they have no choice but to take up arms. Desertion means they risk prison time and the loss of military benefits which compels them to wage war because the benefits that allow their wife and kids to thrive is more important than their principles. For them, and other soldiers like them, I understand.

In fact, I understand the plight of the soldiers.  A soldier, quite simply, cannot refuse an order to deploy for a mission, whether or not it is a combat mission.  The courts have been clear on this: it is not for them to decide whether an order for deployment is legal, as that is a matter for the political branches of government.  Thus, attempts to evade deployment by soldiers do not work.  Desertion is also not an option, as eventually that will catch up them.  At best, then, a soldier who refuses a deployment will spend time in military prison.  Times have changed since the Vietnam War when other countries, most notably Canada, would offer sanctuary for American soldiers who deserted rather than fight in a war they considered unjust.

To the President and the government that sacrifices the lives of our husbands, wives, kids, fathers, mothers, and partners…If there is a hell you deserve to be there.

This isn’t the most positive article that I have ever produced, but I am angry and I am sad. I am in tears knowing that there is a chance that I will be losing family and friends for no real reason other than the protect the ego of Donald J. Trump. I am angry and sad that our military leaders and their members are showing that they have no integrity. I am sad because even though we have fought pointless wars in the past, fighting back to back to back wars based on lies and misinformation, spells the end of the American Experiment.