Alien Tango
‘Arthur Conan Doyle’
The Orchard Music/Ground Control

I am a big fan of Alien Tango, after coming across his off-beat, zany Friends ep back in March.  To recap: Alien Tango is the nom de guerre of Alberto Garcia, an alien based in London by way of Murcia, in southeastern Spain.  I described his music thusly in March:

He sings in Spanish and English, he makes disco-themed punk music that sounds like the Flaming Lips met Of Montreal at a Gogol Bordello gig and they got wrecked and had a bastard love child.  This is some far out shit, and it is pretty damn amazing.



Having now listened to ‘Arthur Conan Doyle’ eight times in a row, I see no reason to change my opinion.  The world today is pretty nasty, my Twitter feed is full of Karens demanding their privilege, white men harassing people, cops killing black people. I come from a country that is founded on white supremacy, but insists there is no systemic racism within it.  I live in a country that seems to be going mad.  And all of this with a global pandemic going on.

So, enter Alien Tango, to give us some escapism as he takes us on a tour of Arthur Conan Doyle, the legendary creator of Sherlock Holmes, having car trouble and selling books out of his trunk.  He has problems getting on the subway, he cannot figure out bike shares.  And then, he’s back, in part two, as Arthur Conan Doyle 2!  Here, he notes he has won two Academy Awards for best adapted screenplay, and if you send him money, he can help you to meet girls.

All of this unfolds in a surrealist video shot somewhere in Spain (I used my great powers of deduction here, it looks hot, and all the language on signs and whatnot is Spanish).  Dressed up as Arthur Conan Doyle, complete with a moustache, Garcia looks like a crazed Salvador Dalí, especially when he’s busting a move.

The world needs more of Alien Tango right now, a surrealist, creative, brilliant artist, we need distraction even as we slog on, fighting back against creeping racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia, and even fascism.