Alien Tango
The Orchard Music

Welcome to Alien Monday here at The Typescript.  Between Alien Tango and Y!kes, we are featuring two artists who claim to be from outer space.   One of the benefits of being a music writer is getting to closely watch an artist’s development.  This is the third time I have taken a listen to Alien Tango, following his ep, back in March (remember the world before?) and then the brilliantly hilarious track, ‘Arthur Conan Doyle,’ in June.  And over the past few months, Alberto Garcia has evolved, taking his outlandish pastiches to a whole new level. If ‘Arthur Conan Doyle’ was a delicious take on the life and times of the famous author, ‘Photosynthesis’ is, well, it’s something else.

Based around a bossanova feel, and grew out of a TikTok video of a 15-second clip of what became this song that has been viewed some 1.5 million times.  I’m sure President Trump will be pleased about that.  The original 15-second clip was recorded a week before the Covid-19 lockdown in March, but this extended version, says Garcia,

is inspired by lockdown in London ever since. I have a lil terrace where I can try get some vitamin D which is super superimportant. The song has a surrealist vibe, creating images that get more and more feverish, where the reality of my terrace is mixed with the fantasy of going back to Spain and socialising.

So in other words, we can all relate to this.  As for the track, well, it’s more surrealist pop, centred around an acoustic guitar, which sees Garcia wondering about photosynthesis and how to do it, though, of course, when he asks the plants, they don’t answer him, all the while fantasizing about the house in the mountains.  He also sings in Spanish.

This is his most minimalist track, at least amongst what I’ve heard of his oeuvre, and yet, it has the same zany catchiness of his earlier work.  I’ve now listened to this song eight times in a row.