Calling All Astronauts
‘Divided States of America’

Supersonic Media

Calling All Astronauts return with a new single, off their recent, and mighty fine, #Resist album.  ‘Divided States of America’ could perhaps not have arrived at a more precipitous moment.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday night in DC of cancer.  This country has lost a towering intellect, a fierce defender of the rights of the few against the many, and a voice of wisdom on the Supreme Court.  It took Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell all of about 35 seconds to announce he intended to replace RBG as soon as possible.  Disrespectful and classless, McConnell is the one who refused to give a Senate hearing for Obama’s choice to replace arch conservative Justice Antonin Scalia (as a side note, he and RBG were close friends, which is perhaps what this country needs right now, not the divisiveness), Merrick Garland, because he thought such a thing should not happen in an election year.  McConnell claims to be a Christian, clearly, he has sold his soul for power.

And this is just the fight for the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the United States is in a continuing Covid crisis due, in large part, to the leadership of the Republican Party and President You Know Who.  And then there is the continuing protests in the streets against police brutality.  I notice that the City of Louisville’s agreement with Breonna Taylor’s family, while it does commit the city to greater care in policing, does not 1) admit wrong doing by the City of Louisville or its police department, nor, 2) does it provide for charges against the officers who broke down Taylor’s door and murdered her in a case of not just mistaken identity, but utter stupidity and incompetence.

And make no mistake about it, Calling All Astronauts, an English three-piece, are a political band, as might be obvious from the title of their recent album.  Beginning with a synthesized police siren, the video for the track opens on the skyline of an American city, before cutting to the flag, and then the music hitting.  Hard.  This is a furious concoction of punked out guitars, pounding drum machine and thundering bass, a glorious concoction of 80s industrial music, updated, sped up and ready for attack.

Frontman David B.’s voice sounds strangulated in the mix here, his usual Andrew Eldritch-esque (Sisters of Mercy) sneer strangulated in its fury as bassist Paul McCrudden pounds away, and J. Browning’s guitars tear it up.  David B’s lyrics are just as furious:

Two percent looking down at the rest
And the guy in the store wears a bulletproof vest
White folks offended by “Black Lives Matter”
But it ain’t their kids, whose blood is getting splattered

Divided States of America
Didn’t know what they were voting for
Divided States Of America
Shut down, locked down, close the door