Calling All Astronauts
‘The Holy Trinity (Single Version)’

Supersonic Media

Calling All Astronauts are back with their fifth single of the Covid-19 era.  Yes, that’s what it’s come too, we live in an era defined by a pandemic.  Ugh.  ‘The Holy Trinity (Single Version)’ is taken from their new album, #RESIST, which was came out a few months ago.  In fact, it’s the first track on the album.  Here it’s re-working ever-so-slightly, and seems to come at us with more ferociousness than the album version, if that’s even possible.


Over a chugging, thundering bassline and drum machine, the guitars charge forward and David B. calls out the hypocrisy of religion.  It is interesting that, given the primacy of the industrial-strength guitars on this album that it is not actually guitarist JJ Browning playing.  This is the only song on the album that he doesn’t feature on, as he was dealing with a family crisis when the band cut this track.  Calling All Astronauts can perhaps be best compared to the likes of Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails, but, whatevs, man.  This is vicious, vicious track.