Over Easy Music

Viral Spotify star Cannon, the North Carolina-based artist, comes to his organic R&B sound through open mic nights with an acoustic guitar.  Since those days, his sound has been fleshed out with thumping bass and smooth beats.  ‘Conversations’ is his brand new single, which looks at the state of human interaction, and how we constantly sublimate our own feelings, in part for human interaction, or engaging in mental tricks to pretend everything is ok.  There is actually a pretty good PSA in this track about checking in with ourselves and our mental health.


The video finds out man wandering alone through town, and even being alone when he’s in a pub with his friends, singing to the camera, but also into a mirror when he asks himself  ‘Why do you flake on everything you tell yourself isn’t worth it?’

It’s not hard to recognize onseself in his lyrics, to see ourselves doing the same things, of trying our best to ignore that little voice in our heads telling us it’s all going to pieces.  It’s not hard to see ourselves sitting with our friends and lonely.

Influenced by the likes of the Weeknd and Drake, Cannon finds a space for his own voice in a larger R&B trend.