Dead Pony
‘Sharp Tongues’
LAB Records

We are big fans of Dead Pony around here, having covered their previous single, ‘Everything is Easy‘ back in May.  Glasgow’s newest hyped band (and fully deserving of that, for the record) are back with the sharp and eviscerating ‘Sharp Tongues.’  Built up around a fuzzed out riff from Blair Crichton, before Liam Adams’ and Aidan McAllister’s bass and drums come thundering in.  Frontwoman Anna Shields’ vocals are both sweet and tough and recalls frontwomen such as Wendy James of Transvision Vamp.  But Dead Pony rock harder than the Vamp ever could.

Shields wrote the lyrics about those fuckers

who absolutely grind your ears. Those people who are hellbent on spreading gossip and starting rumours. They are so unfulfilled with their boring lives, that to add a bit of spice they rely on stirring the pot and starting shit with people. I bet everyone had at least one-person spring to mind after reading that –and that is who this song is about.

Crichton’s guitar and Shield’s vocals are the stars of the show, but Adams and McAllister are a fiercesome rhythm section, bringing thunder to the staccato lightning of Crichton’s guitar on this track.  As much as I loved ‘Everything is Easy’ in May, I am digging ‘Sharp Tongues’ even more in August.  I cannot wait for these kids to drop a full-lengther.