‘Forgive My Mind’
Bam Bam Records

By now it’s not exactly a secret we’re big fans of Leeds’ very own Eades. They released their killer ep, ‘Microcosmic Things‘ in July and now they’re back with their second single since then, ‘Forgive My Mind.’  By now, Eades have developed their own sound, despite the fact they play around with genres and influences, and their songs do not at all sound the same, they are all clearly Eades songs.  Part of this is the interplay of the guitars of Harry Jordan and Tom O’Reilly and part of this is due to the sound of Jordan’s voice, which is distinct insofar as indie rock goes today.  And part of this is the fact that they insist on producing their music themselves.

‘Forgive My Mind’ finds Jordan reflecting on life and how he (we) lives it:

I was reflecting on a time of my life where I was a bit all over the place. I went to go see a doctor and I was prescribed anti-depressants and beta blockers. I appreciate for some people they help and I’m absolutely open to that, but for me they made me feel even worse. I was in a meeting for about 5 minutes and walked out with some pretty hefty prescriptions… I spoke to a friend who suffered from real bad depression and we were on the same dose which I was pretty shocked by. Although looking back now, the experience definitely pushed me in the right direction which I can now see as a positive.

And so, Jordan continues the introspective route he charted with their first single this year, ‘Same Guy.’ It is also worth noting they have undergone a bit of a line-up change, as drummer Jof Cabedo has moved on.  Dan Clifford-Smith, who was the synth guy and percussionist, has shifted over to the drums, and Lily Fontaine has taken over synths and percussion.

As for the video, there is a clever interplay of the band playing this song in an empty club with everyone but them on stage wearing masks, and at the end, we cut away to a gig they played at the same cut before all this Covid bullshittery descended upon us.  May those days return.