‘I Want More’

Bam Bam Records

Here’s the thing about Eades, a band very popular around the Typescript offices, they have a sound all their own and yet, they are also shape shifters.  Frontman Harry Jordan sang on their first single from their recent ep, ‘Same Guy,‘ that no matter what changes in his life, he’ll always be the same guy.  Eades are the same.

Here on ‘I Want More‘ we get a more guitar-charged attack from the lads from Leeds, as Jordan and Tom O’Reilly’s guitars charge head on into the future over a distinctly New York sound.  O’Reilly’s guitar solo could have appeared on a 70s-era Lou Reed solo album.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call this track raucous, as Eades have a fine ear for melody and are generally pretty laid-back sounding, but this is more supercharged than anything they’ve done so far.

Drummer Dan Clifford-Smith explains:

It instantly hits you in the feels -when we first started jamming it, it wasn’t long for us to figure out it was going to be one of our favourite tunes. The coolest thing about it is the way we play it live, everyone goes absolutely mental and locks in so deep with one another. Can’t wait to start gigging again once lockdown ends, catch us live in 2069.

The song is about the constant struggle of the musician or artist or writer: the need to support themselves, because art only supports the lucky few, and the 9-5 drudgery or watching the clock and dreaming of the end of the day or the weekend.  And, it turns out Jordan was working a shitty dead end job, struggling to get by when they wrote this track.
Once more Eades remind us why we love them so around here.