Eric Hutchinson
‘Good Things Come’

Let’s Break Records

Eric Hutchinson is stuck in a moment he can’t get out of: high school.  Last year, he realized that he couldn’t stop thinking about it, all the emotions, the fears, anxieties, angst, dreams he felt as a suburban kid somewhere in Maryland were evocative of god knows how many millions of us in our teenage years in dreary suburbia.  Or, really, anywhere.  Teenagerdom is the time for all the feels.  But, unlike most people who get stuck in this feedback loop, Hutchinson did something about it.  The resulting album, Class of 98, is out Friday.


‘Good Things Come’ is the most recent single from the pre-release of the album, and whilst Hutchinson originally saw the song as the advice or words of wisdom he needed when was graduating high school, he sees it in a new light given the Covid-19 pandemic which, amongst other things, pushed back the release of Class of 98 from March to June.  At any rate, he also sees this song as a send off for all the high school seniors who won’t get to walk across a stage to get their diploma, as they graduate into scary times.

It is interesting to think that when I graduated high school in the early 90s, Canada and the US were in the midst of a recession.  When Hutchinson graduated high school in the late 90s, a recession was right around the corner.  And, well, the less we speak of the Covid-19 economy, the better we will all feel.

So. The track.  ‘Good Things Come’ is a 90 revival, reminiscent of Weezer’s Blue Album, wall of sound guitars, but whereas Rivers Cuomo’s voice is um, distinct, Hutchinson delivers his vocals in a 90s slacker drawl, but the timbre of his voice is more reminiscent of 60s garage rock.

Hutchinson has been around for a good long time now, got all kinds of wild and crazy good press.  He’s toured with some heavy duty luminaries.  He got signed by Madonna.  He is a genre-bending, stylistic song-writer.  ‘Good Things Come’ doesn’t necessarily fit or not fit with his previous work, but it’s both a great track for his fans and a wonderful introduction to his music.