Exit Kid
‘Bleary Eyed’

Now this, kids, is a song.  Furious, sneering, mocking, and bitter.  It is a song for our era.  Ostensibly it’s about the idiocy of Britain’s ruling Conservatives and the Covid crisis (admittedly an easy target), but it can be extrapolated to the wider world and to the utter tomfuckery globally.  Exit Kid are a London duo, comprised of Emre Türkmen on guitar and vocals and Dylan Bell on drums.

Türkmen is better known as the guitarist for London-based Years & Years, and Exit Kid’s genesis was actually on that band’s 2017 American tour, where he recruited Bell, the touring drummer, for this project.  They issued their first eponymous ep that year, and in the process of that ep and its followups, they’ve won over the press in England, including the likes of the NMEStereogum, and The Independent.  And now, their biggest coup, winning over the crusty, cranky music section of The Typescript.

Türkmen reports on the genesis of the song:

I wrote BlearyEyed in the middle of the GreatBritish Lockdown, having consumed adaily-dose of Boris Johnson’s Covid briefings,and watched in horror as Trump found a hidden sixth-gear of madness across the pond. The song is written tongue-in-cheek from the perspective of these leaders, who seem to have no clue.

As for the song itself, it is a gritty punk rock effort, lo-fi to the core, with Bell’s drums crashing, Türkmen’s distorted guitar and vocals on top.  The lyrics are hilarious, as you can see yourself, gentle reader, in the video below.  As for that video, Türkmen made it himself, using GIFs.  I mean, how fucking punk is that?