Fort Never
‘Trapped in Gold’
Spaceflight Records

Fort Never are an Austin, TX-based trio that call their creative zone their own Never-Neverland, where they make their beautiful music.  Fronted by Chantell Moody, the band also includes producers Timmie Rook and Dean Cote, and they find their pleasure in a netherworld between trip-hop and electronica.  ‘Trapped in Gold’ is their new single, in advance of their upcoming album, which is out on 11 November.

Fort Never have a revolutionary purpose, stating that

This song calls for us all to confront our programming and shadows within. America, we need an upgrade. We are not machines, we are humans. Some of us have forgotten our humanity. This song is fuel for every person who wants to create lasting change, so we can live in a more humane world liberated from the chains of the great American scheme.

Their first single, ‘We Keep Catching Fire’ saw the band donate all proceeds to Planned Parenthood, in partnership with Symphonic Distribution.

Moody’s voice is comforting and classic, she recalls the great female singers of the 60s, from Dusty Springfield to Nancy Sinatra, and that makes her voice perfectly fitting for the music Rock and Cote create.  ‘Trapped in Gold’ is built up from a pulsing bass and percussion, with flourishes that sound as thought they would not be out of place on The Good, The Bad & The Ugly soundtrack, Moody sings to her lover.

It’s interesting to think how the genre of trip hop has changed since it was invented by Massive Attack away back in 1990, which may not seem like that long ago, but it’s been thirty years.  The organic, bass-heavy sounds of that era have given way to more synthesized bass, and it is a music form that has, despite what critics like to claim, evolved and changed a lot over the years.