Graver Ekow
‘6 Band Guap’
DMG Records

Graver Ekow are back with their second single following the rather stunning ‘Bag Raps’ earlier this year.  Here, they’ve expanded their sound.  Working with American producer Snuggles, they base themselves in the world of hip hop, but jump down a rabbit hole of Europop and bright, sunny synth flourishes over the big boom-bap.  The boom, though, is wall-shaking.  Lyrically, they take on the hypercapitalism all around us, the world where cash rules.

It was a lot of fun working with Snuggles on this one.  We kept going back and forth on how we could develop the track and every time it just got more ridiculous! For our second release we wanted to create something epic, but also not take ourselves not too seriously.

Mission accomplished, I’d say, as this is a track that reminds us that perhaps a sense of the ridiculous and ludicrous is not out of place in our hyper-kinetic, alienated era (and that’s not including the Covid pandemic).  ‘6 Band Guap’ also seems like the right step to have taken after ‘Bag Raps.