Graver Ekow
‘Bag Raps’
Dot DMG Records

Graver Ekow are a queer British hip hop duo, the partnership developed from their personal relationship after falling in love with each other upon meeting in 2018.   Their music is abrasive, loud, and aggressive, built up around a stretch-out boom-bap beat, with a nod towards turn of the millennium electronica.  Being queer in hip hop is its own challenge, given the art form is not exactly known for its enlightened stance on LGBTQIA issues, particularly in the mainstream.

Over top of a beat that, to quote the late Phife Dawg, is ‘harder than two-day old shit,’ on ‘Bag Raps‘ Graver Ekow drop down some pretty ferocious rhymes, built up around the time honoured hip hop tradition of braggadocio, trading rhymes back and forth, and sprinkling in declarations of identity as well, declaring themselves revolutionaries.

They have recently been picked for the Mayor of London’s CirKT programme, which gave them time to hone their abrasive, futuristic sound.  It was time well spent, this here is the shit.