Haich Ber Na
‘0594 Help’


Haich Ber Na is a London-based producer, artist, and DJ. His music is generally provocative electronic sounds, but here, on ‘0594 Help,’ he has launched himself in a new direction, with this funky as fuck backbeat mixed with crunching percussive noise, and a beautiful falsetto.  This is one epic track, and one of the best pieces of music I have come across of late.  It comes with a self-directed visual, which acknowledges his debt to Jamiroquai.  I am, I have to admit, occasionally stunned by the wide reach of Jamiroquai down the years, but here we are.

Over that bone crunching beat, a live funky bass propels the track through its various movements, including this wicked little alt. r&b/post-punk breakdown around the 2m30s mark before the bone crunching comes back.  I’m stoked to see where Haich Ber Na goes next.