‘Call You Right Now’
Heist or Hit

JWestern is an emerging alt.pop artist from Leeds, in the United Kingdom.  But ‘Call You Right Now‘ sounds more Southern Cali than rainy Merry Olde England.  In fact, if it wasn’t for his strong Northern England accent, you could think you’re listening to some new mellow banger from the LA region.  Built up around a mellow beat and a shimmery guitar, JWestern (known to his mother as John Gooding) reflects on being in a relationship going nowhere.  He wrote the track when he was stuck in such a moment.

JWestern comes by his influences honestly, having gone down several rabbitholes on Soundcloud, digging deep into neo-soul and hip hop culture.  And this led him to creating jazz- and hip hop- based sounds, in his bedroom whilst still a teenager.  Years of practice has finally given him the confidence to step out into the spotlight on the influential London  and Manchester-based label Heist or Hit.

He delivers his vocals in a deeply laid-back manner, relating how he doesn’t want to call her right now, his heart is not in it.  He basically wrote the song in one night.

JWestern oozes talent, and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.