la loye
‘i’m still asleep’

la loye is the nom de plume of Lieke Heusinkveld, a 24-year old Dutch artist.  She has created this beautiful, textured musicscape with ‘i’m still asleep,’ dreamy, epic, designed to make the listener feel like you’re floating along with her on this journey.  This is a song best listened to on headphones, to increase the intimacy of the feeling.

la loye is influenced by the likes of Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Big Thief, and Mount Eerie, but she goes farther than they did in creating this sonic landscape, as she mines this underlying sorrow and loneliness she felt, even as a teen, as she wandered into the world, seemingly enjoying herself.  Maybe this is a universal feeling, I don’t know, but it’s certainly something I have felt.

Either way, she has created this haunting, beautiful track.