Lady Bird
‘Political Wasteland’

Purple Stains

Lady Bird are a rather boisterous collection of three lads from Kent, England. They began their assault on the world last year, releasing their début ep earlier this year, and here they’re continuing their evolution and getting in touch with their spiritual ancestors.  On ‘Political Wasteland,’ Lady Bird have updated the classic sounds of Pop Will Eat Itself and Asian Dub Foundation with a dub-drenched aggro song demanding things fucking change. Now!

Lady Bird are about as sick of the status quo as the rest of us, and are trying to do something about it, and my hat’s off to them.  It’s so easy to wallow in the mire, to just give in to the nastiness of the world, as can be seen in the Tories’ heartless attack on the vulnerable in the UK, the GOP’s refusal to face reality in the US, and the Canadian right’s stunning and depressing rise in the last social democracy of the old Anglo-Atlantic triangle.  It feels like the 80s all over again, but worse. Much worse.


Lady Bird retreated into the studio during lockdown and are getting prepped to release their first long-player in 2021.  ‘Political Wasteland’ is one of their favourite tracks from these sessions, and they explain:

It’s fair to say this tune wasn’t selected for our debut album, however it certainly wasn’t due to any lack of characterful qualities. Everything you hear (beside the one-drop feel) is a taste of what’s to come. 2021 will hold a new and yet original Lady Bird…”Political Wasteland, SOAP OPERA DON’T BOTHER.”

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