Mary Valley
‘Blue-Haired Girl’


Mary Valley are three sisters who grew up on a farm in the appropriately-named Mary Valley in Queensland, Australia, up near the northern tip of the country, just below Papua/NewGuinea.  Maya plays guitar and sings. Vivi plays bass and sings, and Agnès is the drummer.  She sings too.  Their mom is a poet and their dad is both a farmer and a musician.  They have their own home studio on the farm, a shed they’ve converted, but Maya says they need to dodge cow patties to get to the studio.  ‘Blue-Haired Girl’ actually came out last month in Australia, but it’s such a catchy tune, we here at The Typescript think it deserves a wider audience.

They write and record their own music, and the video for this song is also a DIY affair, Maya states that

We bought a whole pile of sheets and painted them and dried them on our washing line – it was a messy experience! We keep finding little swipes of paint all over the house. We wanted to make a kind of alternate dream-world for the video, so that’s how we came up with he idea of making a patterned box where the whole clip takes place.

Personally, I love the aesthetics of the video, as it reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s, and the business suits they’re wearing for some odd reason draw to mind The Bangles, though it could also be the music itself.  ‘Blue-Haired’ girl is built up around a steady beat, bassline and jangly guitars, not unlike The Bangles.  The song itself, Maya reports, is about that girl

who is pretty much stringing you along. They seem to be one person when you’re together and then someone totally different in front of other people. You can never figure out ‘what’ you’ve actually got together. Your relationship only exists in an ‘alternate dream world’. But it’s very tempting to just live in that dream world… You’re their Blue-Haired Girl. They never let you be anything more.


Hence the ‘alternate dream-world’ of the video. Clocking in just a shade over 3 minutes, ‘Blue-Haired Girl’ is pure pop confection, and it is impressive to see the response to it in Australia, where the song has charted on the indie charts.