Mera Bhai
‘Jame El F’Na
Moshi Moshi Records

Mera Bhai is a London-based DJ and producer, known to his mother as Karthak Poduval, though he is a citizen of the world.  Born in London of Indian descent, he has also spent time Italy, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Algeria.  He is also a multi-instrumentalist and is a founding member of the trop-psych band, Flaminggods.  His nom de plume is a Hindi greeting, meaning ‘My Brother’

As a DJ/producer, Mera Bhai is centred on creating a musical balance and harmony between eastern and western traditions, and melding the new with the old.  He draws in influences from Indian, Arabic, 70s disco, 90s Acid House and Detroit techno, amongst other things.  His experience as a child bouncing around the world means he was surrounded by all these sounds, and he reports that he is ‘just trying to weave the cultural line that I hear in music.


‘Jama El F’Na’ is released through Moshi Moshi’s Singles Club, and this is one of the freshest, bounciest, and juiciest dance tracks I’ve heard in some time.  It also, for me anyway, draws me back to my club-hopping days around the turn of the millennium when Indian/Western fusion was was a thing through the music of the likes of Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney, and their respective house and dance remixes.

Starting with a syncopated sitar, processed and spat out over a pounding beat, ‘Jama El F’Na’ takes us on a world tour through this beat and that syncopated, processed sitar, with Bollywood vocals chanted over the beat.  I really cannot stop listening to this one, kids.