‘Call Me On Your Telephone’

B3SCI Records

Nancy is a garage-rock project Brighton, UK, set to release their ep Happy Oddities later this summer.  In the meantime, they have given us ‘Call Me On Your Telephone,’ an ode to the new wave stylings and genius of the likes of David Bowie and David Byrne.  And it certainly has that feel, both in terms of the music and the lyrics.

At its core, ‘Call Me On Your Telephone’ is a surrealist throwback to the old days, of actual phones, and people actually using them to talk to people, when we called each other with news, to see what was up, and to make plans.  I dunno about you, but looking at my iPhone right now, the last time I actually used it as a phone was last Monday, I called the post office.  The last time I actually used my phone as a phone to, you know, talk to a friend or family was when my mom called last month (don’t worry, we do most of our communicating via FaceTime and txt msg).

‘Call Me On Your Telephone’ starts with a phone ringing, and then the song explodes into a Talking Heads-esque new wave disco funk track.  The vocals are echoed and buried in the mix, which is dominated by a synthesize bass and insistent drumming. The chorus explodes out of the track,

Easy come, easy go
You say goodbye
I say hello
Bonjor, Salut
Merci, ça va
Just call me on your telephone.

I suddenly find myself looking forward to Happy Oddities.