P.J. O’Connor
‘Indecisive Moon’

P.J. O’Connor is a veteran of the NYC indie scene, a former member of cult bands The Bogmen and Radio 4, and he’s worked with everyone from Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) to Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes to The Juan MacLean to James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem).  After a trip across Ireland, largely busking, and returning to his flat on the West Side, he began to think about heading out on his own.  ‘Indecisive Moon’ is the first single from his début solo album, Television’s Golden Age, which will be out about a month from now in late October.

The video for ‘Indecisive Moon’ was shot by Chris Cassidy, an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, and, I have to say, it is a gorgeous video.  And it is haunting, as it was shot in NYC during the lockdown, and to see the streets of the city empty and deserted, and to watch O’Connor busking in an empty subway tunnel is disconcerting.  And I say this six months into the nightmare that is this pandemic.

‘Indecisive Moon’ is a love letter to the city, and the chorus includes the line:

May the lights of New York City
Shine on me wherever I go.

This is both a call for his city to follow him (as Montréal, as Leonard Cohen reminded us, follows its diaspora) and a prayer the city will rise again from Covid, as it has from so many other things, most recently 9/11.  The track is a glorious Belle and Sebastien-esque folk rocker, steady drums and O’Connor’s acoustic guitar.  And it is insanely catchy to boot.

I look forward to Television’s Golden Age next month.