Rachael Sage
‘Blue Sky Days’
MPress Records


Rachael Sage’s brand new video accompanying her single,”Blue Sky Days”, which is on her current album, Character, is a gust of cool air. The song beautifully expresses the sentiment of gratitude for life, and the video of a young ice skater, Morgan Sage (no relation), adds speed and grace to the equation.

Truthfully my first association upon seeing this video was that it gives me a joy similar to the montage of a grand piano-car in the game Grand Theft Auto set to Vanessa Carleton’s 2002 hit “A Thousand Miles” (especially with Sage’s lyric “the line upon the pavement is a moving snake). While Sage doesn’t cause physical damage like the GTA montage, her Casio keyboard on the ice rink has the power to send listeners spinning. As both the performer and art director of the video, Sage was interested in the relationship of “graceful, expansive movements on the ice with the warm intimacy of a solo piano performance.

The images in Sage’s lyrics are far from the ice rink–blue skies, vast oceans, sand dunes. Yet in the context of the sweeping song the grand connections between all these settings are built one upon another. “Blue Sky Days” was composed as a meditation on gratitude in the midst of Sage’s own cancer recovery, but it has taken on new resonance during the uncertainties of COVID-19, and Sage has shared that her listeners from around the world “have expressed how much the lyrics’ uplifting imagery has helped them stay positive and hopeful.” Resilience and gratitude are two sides of the same coin on Sage’s single, and a necessary tonic in these days.

Rachael Sage’s new album Character is out now.