Rachael Sage
MPress Records

‘Cave’ is the newest single from Rachael Sage’s stunning recent album, Character.  We here at The Typescript are big fans of that album.

She originally wrote this song when she was in college, but she only rediscovered it in 2018 as she recovered from cancer.  She was sifting through an old box of lyrics, and was blown away how the song still resonated all these years later.  She reports that

I wrote this song while I was in college, where I fell hard for someone who was definitely not ultimately ‘healthy’ for me. It was a very formative experience and left me with a lingering fear of being manipulated or rejected for who I actually was. When I sing it now, the song reminds me to revere authenticity and honesty in all my relationships – and to fully embrace unconditional love.

Re-interpreted for the album, and with the video recorded in studio during the Covid lockdown (and I would imagine that she would be at greater risk, given it was only a couple of years ago she had cancer), the accompanying video seems like a perfect companion piece.  As she plucks and strums her red acoustic guitar, the words just flow out of her, and I remember how they felt like a cascade when I first listened to this album in the spring.  We published the review of her album about a week before the lockdown began, when Covid was just an echo in the distance.

The lyric-video marries that cascade of words, which originally dealt with an unhealthy love, then was meant to echo the isolation of post-cancer recovery, it now also resonates with the emptiness and emotional isolation of the Covid lock-down.