Rosehip Teahouse
‘A Million Times’

Big Indie Records

Bedroom pop darlings Rosehip Teahouse return with this sprawling track, ‘A Million Times.’  To those who don’t know, or are confused/frustrated with the need to assign a name to every form of. music and create a gazillion subgenres, bedroom pop is music that in used to just be called alternative.  In this case, Rosehip Teahouse follow in the wake of bands like The Sundays, shimmery, glittery guitar, and beautiful vocals, usually by a woman.

Frontwoman and creative force, Faye Rogers, reports that

‘A Million Times’ is a lot of my anxiety manifesting in a song. I was finding that I would try and mould myself into what I thought everyone else wanted from me, not realising that I was losing more and more of myself in the process. And even then, what I thought people wanted from me was usually wrong. So it was all a bit of a mess, hiding my feelings, feeling like I was ‘too much’ for anyone else in my life. It was hard to break out of the cycle, but I’m finding it easier to be myself now. ‘A Million Times’ is a little reminder to myself that I don’t need to be that way anymore.

The result is this beautiful little song, the second offering from Rosehip Teahouse’s forthcoming Fine ep, out in December.  Centred around these shiny and glittery guitars, undergirded by the wheelhouse of the rhythm section, Rogers’ voice travels over the music, serving as a counter point to those guitars.  Her lyrics, indeed, work out her issues with trying to please everyone and, in the end, pleasing no one, a lesson we all must learn, often over and over:

To think I reshaped myself
A million times
To work it out
Oh I’d love to lose myself

I, for one, am looking forward to the ep.