‘The Look’

Naked Records

Sports are an Oklahoma-based duo comprised of childhood best friends, Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot.  Their partnership here, like their friendship, comes out of a lifetime of knowingness, a realization that nothing is guaranteed, and things can change on a dime.  ” is a wonderfully funky slice of 80s pop remixed for the 20s.

As for the track, Chronister reports that it

was inspired by a comment a stranger made to me while I was out eating lunch. He interrupted me and asked who my agent was, assuming that I was a model. And then wanted to help represent me. I just kind of laughed because it seemed like such an LA cliche. But he was serious and told me “You’ve got the look of the moment.”

The actual lyrics come from the pre-show rituals of the band, trying to get their drinks in and a story Chronister’s dad told him about someone dropping LSD and jumping out a window.  The end result is kind of a guilty pleasure slice of pop heaven.