The talented and dynamic Tendertwin has released her debut single “Triangles,” a love letter that transcends geographic distinction through beautiful arrangement. Tendertwin is the project of Bilge Nur Yilmaz, a singer and songwriter who has found musical inspiration in her time between her original home in Istanbul and newer homes in Philadelphia and London. In fact, “Triangles” is partially written as a reference to the love of three cities she calls home. The abstract lyrical content of the song also brings a charm to its interpretation. Triangles can be imagined between any places, people, objects–this song can be for what you love, and the beauty of the song makes you want to explore what is dear to you while lost in these dulcet tones. 

Tendertwin is interested in the human voice as an instrument, her vocal tone demonstrates a beautiful self-control, at once assured and soothing. Yilmaz’s prolific musical involvement includes singing with the Bogazici Youth Choir in Istanbul, which has undoubtedly helped her in her latest pursuit as a member of the newly formed Isolation Choir, established by the London-based vocal ensemble Shards. In under four minutes of “Triangles” Tendertwin uses the fine vocal stylings informed by performance across genre, demonstrating a deep love of the art form. The subtle fog moves to a silvery boom; she oscillates in exciting ways, but never loses control. 

“Triangles” starts with Yilmaz’s understated guitar and some distant bells or chimes, and by the end transforms into a lush instrumentation, including saxophone, trombone, and violin. The arrangement reminds me of the affecting moments of Glen Hansard’s love songs. I keep talking about movement, about change across this short song because the transformation is an absolute delight. I kept relistening for particularly satisfying moments where more instruments come in or the tempo changes. Yilmaz manages to transform familiar elements into a mosaic they meant for. 

This is the first single of several recorded at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, and I am looking forward to those to come.