Theodor Black
‘Had Enough’
DMY Recordings

This is an exciting time in the world of UK R&B and hip hop.  UK hip hop has always been a world apart from its American cousin, whether through the Caribbean-influenced beats and rhymes of a legend like Roots Manuva, or the vicious, viciousness of Dizzee Rascal or the London-based drill scene, which has taken Chicago drill and made it nastier, more menacing, more threatening.  Meanwhile, in R&B, the UK scene has given us this progressive voice, focused on beats as much as lyrics, perhaps fulfilling the early promise of Canada’s The Weeknd.

Threodor Black is based in South London, where he is an emergent celebrated underground rapper.  And it’s easy to see why on ‘Had Enough.’  Having just dropped a mixed tape, Feels Like January, where he wanted to showcase his production skills as much as his rhymes, on ‘Had Enough,’ he teams up with celebrated producer Dwyer, who is known for his lo-fi  beats and his impressive Spotify following.

Dwyer provides Black with a thumping, wobbly beat and Black does his thing.  His delivery style is laid-back, he’s not the guy to lose his temper and spit all over the track.  Instead, he’s comfortable in front of the mic, and it shows.  ‘Had Enough’ sees him taking stock of his life right now, and how it’s time to move on, allowing his ‘favourite moments to become memories’:

I definitely have fears for the future
And I tend to find myself stuck in the past sometimes
But you can’t spend all your time standing around
And worrying about thing you can’t control.

The more I listen to this track, the more hypnotized I become by it.