Two Tribes
‘Cruel Sensuality’


Hailing from London (the one in the UK, not Ontario), Two Tribes are an emerging electropunk trio, and ‘Cruel Sensuality’ is their new single in advance of their forthcoming ep, which is slated to drop early in 2021.  There is something very appealing about the kind of music they play, as it seems like the ideal soundtrack of our times, this cacophonous, storming electronic music, with a pounding beat, it is kind of assaultive, I have to say, though I mean that in the best way possible. I’ve been listening to these with my beautiful Beats headpones on, the bass is rumbling my brain, the music is just this collection of clashing sounds and noise that somehow, Two Tribes pulls back together with a keen sense of musicality.

As with all electropunk music, Two Tribes wear their ancestors on their sleeves, including New Order, most notably, but also Depeche Mode, and Erasure, Björk, amongst others.

In ‘Cruel Sensuality,’ frontoman Annalisa Iembo sings of a toxic relationship and is unravelling, which stands both at odds with and fully within the music behind her.  Her voice is strong and reminiscent of 80s vocalists in the mix, to say nothing of the afore-mentioned Bkjörk, as she explores themes we are all, perhaps, familiar with:

The lyrics focus on detaching yourself emotionally from another person, making the transition from sensuous to desensitised, and trying to figure out what part of yourself needs to be severed in order to leave a bad situation behind. Identity is a common theme in our music, and writing ‘Cruel Sensuality’ was an opportunity to explore the self-reflection and reinvention that occurs when dismantling a relationship.

I am stoked for the forthcoming ep.