Apricot ep
Heist or Hit

SKIA is the nom de plume of Norwegian Annie Norbye.  She makes pop confections so sweet you may need a trip to the dentist after listening.  Now based in Liverpool, SKIA hit the city’s Cabin Studios with fellow Norwegian Emily Krogh behind the mixing board and has delivered a collection of fjord-banging beats and glittery synthesizers that belie the fact these tracks all began acoustically.  She only dropped her début single, ‘Anyone’ in January, so she is fresh on the scene (‘Anyone is track 6 of 7 here).

We live in a world of creeping restrictions on women’s bodies, their reproductive rights, and their right to autonomy.  We are living through the #MeToo era, where women are sharing their stories of sexual assault, harassment, and rape and male entitlement.  We live in a world where women are made to feel vulnerable for the simple fact of being a woman.  And on ‘Anyone,’ SKIA takes that directly on, singing about having her feet on the ground, and growing older, more mature and she declares:

I’ll be safe in my body
I’ll be safe in my skin
As a sister and daughter
As a lover and friend

My home is my body
And I won’t let anyone take that from me.

This is a declaration, both of her own physical independence, but also her desire to grow, to do whatever the fuck she wants. This is a declaration of empowerment.

My favourite track is ‘Not Anyone.’ SKIA’s voice is reminiscent of what, I’m not sure, but it feels warm and familiar here, as she sings a catchy melody about re-awakening after an extended period of anxiety, and resurfacing.

Empowerment is the theme of Apricot, through the declaration she makes in ‘Anyone,’ or calling out an ex-lover for their selfishness, to acknowledging and discussing her anxiety.  I appreciate that she does this whilst making full out club bangers that you could find yourself on the dancefloor to on Saturday night.  To me, there’s something deeply subversive about a deep honesty in lyrics for dance music, something I first appreciated with New Order away back in the day.