Original photo and copyright by Dennis Cooley. Retouched by Matthew Friedman


Thank you to everyone who submitted writing and/or artwork as part of Robert Kroetsch 2020, this year’s tribute to a legend of that contested, multifaceted, and expansive field known as CanLit. Thank you to Rob Budde, Louis Cabri, Dennis Cooley, Garin Cycholl, Frank Davey, Amanda Earl, Lea Graham, Robert Hogg, Karl Jirgens, Nicole Markotić, rob mclennan, Susan Rudy, Jeremy Stewart, Aritha van Herk, and Fred Wah. Special thanks to Karl Jirgens, editor of the international literary journal Rampike, for permission to publish republish “Blood Culture,” a poem marking the passing of Robert Kroetsch by Leonard Cohen and Judith Fitzgerald, both of whom are also now deceased. With profoundly bittersweet-ness, I realize that many of the poems we have published this year will one day remind us (and hopefully new generations) of the places and communities to which Kroetsch belonged. “Collective biography” was more than just a concept for Kroetsch: it was a recurring practice in his advice to friends, his poems dedicated to fellow writers, his Hornbooks of Rita K, and his chronicles of traveling through Alberta (to name just a few places where that notion of the “life story” of a community appears in his work).

Life stories are also told through pictures. Thank you to those writers who double as photographers or artists, and who shared their images as part of this tribute. Special thanks to Dennis Cooley for the many photographs he has shared, both for Robert Kroetsch 2020 and our 2018 tribute, Car Poems for Robert Kroetsch, published in Politics/Letters. Special thanks to Frank Davey for sharing a previously unpublished photo taken by Douglas Reimer back in 1994. Thanks to Aritha van Herk for obtaining permission to publish a photo taken by Lynette Loeppky. Finally, my deepest gratitude to Matthew Friedman—The Typescript’s founding editor, production manager, contributing writer, and photographer. Without his talent for layout and his visual imagination, none of these pieces would look as beautiful and professional as they do. Matthew Friedman worked tirelessly throughout our 19-day tribute to make each text, photo, and bio look fantastic on the page.

Thank you to our readers and promoters. Our projects would be nothing without your engagement. Special thanks to Robert Hogg and Karl Jirgens for their ongoing promotion of Robert Kroetsch 2020 and for bringing new communities of readers and writers to our website: TheTypescript.com. Thank you to Matthew Barlow, our music editor, for his support and promotion on social media. Matthew Barlow is a Canadian writer living in the States who never heard of Robert Kroetsch before this series. Barlow became intrigued by the beautiful poetry he encountered during Robert Kroetsch 2020, and expressed a sense of reconnection to the Canadian poetry scene. He was wonderfully enthusiastic about this project and kept us upbeat, even on the hot and humid days.

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Theresa Smalec